Open Book

Open Book


Open up a good book and wash away reality with this fantasy book soap! And like any truly excellent book, it's what is on the inside that makes it special. As you use this soap you will find a fantastical character that will be gradually revealed as the soap is used. This is a one of a kind item you won't find anywhere else, the sculptures and molds were all handmade as well.

As each piece is handmade, there were be color variations.

The fragrance is a bookstore inspired custom scent. There are notes of leather, vanilla, and cappuccino, perfect for any book lover. Keep in mind, if this doesn't sound like scent you would like, and if you would like something more fruity or sweet I am happy to substitute it. Everyone should love the way their soap smells!

If you would like to include a combination of silhouettes in the same order, that it also possible. Simply buy the quantity you want, and include a note indicating what you would like. If I can, I am more than happy to accommodate your request.


Weight: approx. 3.25 oz

Dimensions: 2" x 3" x 1.125"


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