Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Complete Set

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Complete Set


This is a complete set of the beautifully reimagined characters from Alice in Wonderland- this time as Steampunk Characters. And when you buy all of the characters together, you get one for free. Such a great deal! 

We've got the Mad Hatter. He's a crazy inventor, legs akimbo as he works on building a windup door mouse. 

Then there's Alice- now depicted as a wind-up doll, clutching the "DRINK ME" bottle that will turn her into a real girl. 

The Cheshire Cat has a sinister grin composed of gold teeth, and gold claws. 

And lastly the former White Rabbit instead of constantly checking his pocket watch, is a made from the pieces of a clock. And to know the time, he can look at his belly. 

The gold highlights are handprinted with skin safe mica, adding a metallic luster and shine. This is also true for the body of the Cheshire Cat and the Clockwork Rabbit. Please be aware that as this is handprinted on, it will rub and wash away with use. 

As each piece is handmade, there were be color variations. 

The fragrance is a sultry deep floral scent. Keep in mind, if this doesn't sound like scent you would like, and if you would like something more fruity or sweet I am happy to substitute it. Everyone should love the way their soap smells!


Mad Hatter: 

Weight: approx. 4.3 oz

Dimensions: 4.375" x 3.625" x 1.25"



Weight: approx. 5 oz- a pretty big piece of soap!

Dimensions: 6.125" x 2.5" x 1.5"

Cheshire Cat: 


Weight: approx. 5 oz

Dimensions: 4.375" x 3" x 1.25"

Clockwork Rabbit: 


Weight: approx. 3.7 oz

Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.375" x 1.125" 


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